Microbial soil catalysts that strengthen plant roots and make them more resistant. The product contains a particularly active strain of Bacillus subtilis and several Trichoderma varieties; beneficial fungi which compete in the root zone for space and food with harmful fungi. The bacteria and Trichoderma varieties encourage strong root growth throughout the growing season and make elements available that the plants cannot take up alone. Hansebac is a medium for root formation with bacteria such as Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas fluorescens which secrete plant growth hormones and thus stimulate root growth.
What does Hansebac promote?
Root mass, transplanting survival, availability of nutrients, harvest and production, photosynthesis, cell division and the effectiveness of Hansespor.
What does Hansebac reduce?
Production loss, use of nutrients and water as well infections.
Which substances are compatible?
Fertiliser: Hansebac can be combined with fertilisers. Crop protection products which may be used: carboxin, thiram, mancozeb, metalaxyl, propamocarb, thiabendazole, copper oxychloride and vinclozolin. Avoid the use of antibiotics and other fungicides during 2-3 weeks before and after the use of Hansebac.

Packaging unit

Contents: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium, Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma asperellum, Pseudomonas, vitamins (B2, B3, B6, C and K) and vegetable proteins
Formulation: high level of bacteria, vitamins and proteins
Packaging: 1.000 gram

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