Heating systems

GreNeth heating systems
Heating is a crucial element in greenhouse horticulture. GreNeth can offer you complete installations designed to maintain required climate conditions, with utmost efficiency, whilst incorporating latest crop transportation systems.
We are specialised in designing and mounting reliable and modern heating systems. GreNeth provides its clients with heating solutions that comply with their demands on short and on long term.

Integrated approach

GreNeth offers heating installations designed to meet individual requirements of each customer and their crop. Our systems are available from simple designed heating systems up to complete heating systems that incorporate the latest technical developments. GreNeth is experienced in the design of a wide range of systems including, CO2-dosing, heat storage and crop transport systems. Geothermic water is also a source, which can be used as an energy source, as main source or as supplementary source. In some cases hot air heating is also an interesting option.

Customised systems

In a tailor-made greenhouse a customised heating system is a necessity. This is why we work together with you to obtain a balanced heating arrangement. A properly executed heating system contributes to the overall quality of your crop and therefore, better result. The range of installations varies from pipe-rails, floor heat, crop heat, monorail-heat, the production and distribution of CO2, heat storage tanks, and lift-able heating systems. Additionally you can, of course, also rely on us for the design and installation of complete heating systems.

Renovation or adjustments

Ask for the possibilities to alter your system when changing crop, implementing a CO2-installation, replacing boiler and manifold systems, heat storage tank, or other adjustments of your existing heating installation. A good example is the installation of a condenser so you can cool down your flue gases way beyond the dew point. Depending on your heating installation, the savings on your fuel costs may run up to 15%. The condensation process supplies a great amount of heat that can be used in your
heating system.

Greenhouse heating systems

    · Upper net
    -Crop heating
    -Lift heating
    · Under net
    -Pipe rail heating system
    -Table heating
    -PE under net heating
    -Concrete floor heating
    · Heater system heating
    · Transport-main line

Boiler installation

    · Burners on gas or oil
    · Boilers for gas, oil or organic material
    · Steam boilers
    · Expansion system
    -Open construction
    -Closed construction
    · Distributors with
    -Mixing groups
    -Transport groups
    -Frequency regulated pumps

Heat storage tanks

    · A heat-storage buffer-tank (HST)
    -Open buffer systems
    · Energy saving
    -Flue gas condenser connection on HST


    · CO2 fan units
    · CO2 PVC piping
    · CO2 control units

    · Insulation techniques
    · Plate finishing

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