Proffesional Agricultural & Industrial Drones

With the challenges of spraying hard-toreach or smaller sized plantations in mind we have the L10: an easy to use, portable, and efficient spraying drone that provides a unique solution for farmers.

  • Highly efficient CDA spraying system.
  • Optimized spraying patterns.
  • Up to 10 hectares sprayed in an hour.
  • CE Certification.
  • Cost-effective battery management
  • Adjustable droplet size
  • 3x redundant size
  • Maintenance-free spraying system.

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The L10 Pro is an improved version of the L10, optimized for the highest precision possible. It is also capable of carrying Trichogramma or granule spreader systems as well

  • All L10 features
  • Flight planning on a centimeter-level accuracy.
  • Unique RTK base integration.
  • Optimized flight planning for vineyards and orchards.
  • Fully compatible with EMLID RTK base station.
  • Can be equipped with Trichogramma spreading system.
  • Can be equipped with granule spreading system.

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Based on the unique features of the L10 Series, meeting the demand for bigger version, we have the first European made 30-liter drone with CDA spraying system.

  • Up to 21 hectares sprayed in an hour
  • CE Certificated
  • Maximum liquid flow: 16 l/m.
  • Can be equipped with granule spreading system.
  • 30-liter tank.
  • Liquid cooled CDA spraying system.
  • Advanced flight planning algorithm.
  • Optimized downward airflow.

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The M12 is a freely customizable device that can be adapted for virtually any purpose or need - thanks to it's open-source software and modifiable attachments.

  • 12 kg payload
  • Hovering time from 24 to 55 minutes.
  • CE Certification and C4 label
  • Ideal for R&D purposes
  • Open-source software
  • Customizable hardware

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This next generation multi functional drone brings opportunity with a strong and stable structure. The M40 is a unique solution for many industries.

  • 40 kg. payload capacity
  • Hovering time: 22 minutes.
  • CE Certification
  • Open-source software
  • Customizable hardware

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