GreNeth Projects BV
Greenhouses, Equipment & Supplies

GreNeth Projects is a Dutch company specialised in greenhouse projects, including proper design and all necessary equipment, according to your climate and needs. Our company is also involved in renovation, irrigation projects, screen systems, internal logistics, growing systems, substrates and horticultural supplies.

GreNeth BR BV
Biological Control & Propagation Material

GreNeth BR is a dynamic and innovative company involved in bio products, biological control and propagation material.

GreNeth Services Ltd
Grow Consultancy

Our Bulgarian company is involved in consultancy and services. It is also supplier to the Bulgarian market.

Manush Georgiev 30, 2850 Petrich, Bulgaria
PO Box 309, 1430 AH Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
Τ +359 877 695750
Τ +31 297 369080
F +31 297 347899
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