Global Green Pact is focused on the development of natural products. These products have not only found their place in Dutch horticulture, but also abroad where they help all links in the production chain to improve their processes and products in a sustainable way.

For both seedlings/ cuttings and young plants, as well as for the end products of greenhouse vegetables, fruit, cut flowers and ornamentals. The benefits of sustainability and the positive experiences of entrepreneurs are the incentives for GGP to continue to invest in research and development.

All Global Green Pact products are residue (MRL)-free and meet the international requirements of MPS and Food (GLOBAL GAP, CAAE, National Organic Program (NOP).

With the use of the products of GGP you will be able to connect to market developments and consumer trends, where food safety and corporate social responsibility are demanded by consumers.

By using GGP products you will be able to improve the quality of processes and end products in a sustainable manner, and contribute to your corporate social responsibility.

Good for the market position and reputation of your business !!

By listening to demands from the field, scientific understanding and new research, GGP is able to expand its range of useful products regularly.

Here you can download leaflets of some of the most interesting products.
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